AISSIA Representations, Presidents and Awards

Invitee of:

1. EEPC Stainless Steel Utensils Panel
2. Maharashtra Government Pre-budget Meeting

Executive member of:

1. Maharashtra Government Minimum Wage Panel
2. Government Of India Finance Ministry S.S.I Pre Budget Meeting
3.Special Executive Officer (S.E.O) Maharashtra Government.
6. Mathadi Labor Board For Brihan Mumbai
4. National Executive of Indian Council Of Small Industry. Calcutta
5. Indian Merchants’ Chamber Managing Committee
6. Indian Merchants’ Chamber Industry Expert Committee, & Indirect taxation Committee.


As an Industry representative, AISSIA regularly negotiates with the Indian Government to secure concessions for the Industry.Some of the major accomplishments are:

1.    Exemption from central excise tax: AISSIA proposed and convinced to free Stailness steel utensils, cutlery, kitchenware and other household articles from central excise, because these are mass consumer products which are produced by small scale firms.

2.    Reduction of Sales Tax from 12% to 4%.

3.    The wastage norms were revised to reasonable levels.  Earlier they were fixed at a very low level, which was adversely affecting exports.

Past and Present Presidents 


Our panel of consultants:

Exim-matters - Mr. Ajit Shah

Contact: 98692 14417, 2872 1397, 2875 3887, 2877 1089; email:


Excise-matters - Mr. Nitin Mehta

contact: 93245 76160, 2808 0422, 2967 3022, 2862 0119; email:


Income tax - Mr. Deepak Shah

Contact: 98201 48536, 2242 0089, 24970111, 2242 8400; email:


Sales tax (VAT) - Mr. Janak Vaghan

Contact: 9324680306 22821978, 28680306; email: