Stainless Steel Introduction

Stainless Steel is the latest discovery of this century, and with the unique properties of this metal makes it the most preferred choice of the Engineers, Designers, and the Manufacturers to use this this metal.

Though this metal is viewed as the higher initial cost, but keeping in mind the benefits and life span of the metal it is often the best option.

St. Steel is essentially a low carbon steel which contains Chromium atleast 10% or more which makes the steel stainless, and corrosion resisting. The addition of Nickel content makes the metal soft, ductile, and malleable. The corrosion resistance properties of the metal are enhanced by increasing the composition of Chromium, Nickel, and other elements like Molybdenum.

The advantages of St. Steel are namely:
1. Corrosion Resistance.
2. Impact Resistance.
3. Ease of Fabrication.
4. Strength compared to Weight Benefit.

Most importantly it is Recyclable. Infact over 50% of new St. Steel comes from melting of St. Steel scrap.